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One of the most common sources of funding for graduate students are assistantships, which can support general administrative duties, teaching, or research projects. The university documents assistantship policies and procedures in University Policy No. Many departments routinely evaluate graduate admission applications to match them with available assistantship positions. Departments may contact newly accepted students to inform them if a funding offer is available. Current students in search of funding should check with their departments to discuss the availability of assistantships and eligibility requirements. Graduate Assistant GA Graduate Assistants provide academic and program support to academic, administrative or service units of the university. GA responsibilities may be administrative in nature and consist of duties not directly related to teaching or research such as academic advising, program planning, advising student groups, and assisting with the administrative duties of an office. Graduate Research Assistant GRA Graduate Research Assistants conduct academically significant research under the direction of a faculty member who is generally a principal investigator on an external grant or contract. GRAs are awarded by departments and professors who are engaged in research projects.

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International students are responsible for keeping their visa documents in order and notifying International Student Services of any changes in program length. Skip to main content. The University of Arizona. Appointment Process and Responsibilities. For Graduate Students: When signing the offer letter with the appointing department, make sure to obtain a copy for personal records.

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Apply now to the College of Graduate Studies and Research. Schedule an on-campus tour of Radford University today. Learn more about the programs and degrees offered through the College of Graduate Studies and Research. Graduate assistantships at Radford University are used to recruit and retain full-time quality students in graduate programs. They are designed to enhance the educational experience for both graduate students and the undergraduates with whom they may have contact.

The primary goal of assistantships is to provide a stipend to help graduate students reach their educational objectives by working within the University community. Important professional skills are cultivated and developed in assistantship assignments which will aid the students in future career endeavors. The guiding principle is that students will primarily benefit from their assistantships. Graduate assistants should, at all times, be viewed principally as students rather than employees.

In this regard, they must make satisfactory progress in their degree program. To ensure that their assigned duties represent learning experiences that appropriately complement and do not adversely impact their ability to successfully complete rigorous academic programs, they are expected to work collaboratively with their supervisors. Graduate assistants are expected to notify supervisors of schedule conflicts and must request flexible work arrangements as soon as possible.

Students who are frequently called away from their assistantship duties and cannot fulfill the bulk of their work obligation should not accept an assistantship award.

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Our websites may use cookies to personalize and enhance your experience. By continuing without changing your cookie settings, you agree to this collection. For more information, please see our University Websites Privacy Notice. To be appointed, to retain an appointment, or to be reappointed, a student must hold Regular not Provisional status, must maintain a cumulative average of at least B 3.

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Graduate assistantships are essential to the success of the graduate programs at Georgia Southern University. The assistantship not only enables the student to complete the program of study in a timely fashion, but also affords the opportunity to be involved in full-time study at the University. Graduate assistants enliven the academic environment of the university by adding to the community of scholars within the institution.

A graduate assistant is a graduate student who is appointed to a Teaching Assistantship, Research Assistantship, Graduate Assistantship, or Doctoral Fellowship and receives a stipend and a tuition waiver. Appointments and initial stipend are determined on the basis of academic background, prior experience, scholarship, and general potential. Some programs are approved to charge a premium tuition rate that is not covered by the standard tuition waiver.

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For eligibility, students must be accepted as a graduate student in a degree program and be enrolled full-time. Graduate students enrolled fully online program that exempts them from paying campus-based fees are not eligible for graduate assistantships. See Full-time Enrollment Requirements. Both half- and full-stipend assistantships are available. Half-stipend assistantships require students to perform assistantship assignments for a minimum of 10 hours per week during the period of the assignment.

Full-stipend assistantships require students to perform assistantship assignments for a minimum of 20 hours per week during the period of the assignment. In rare circumstances, students may be appointed to assistantships with total hourly commitments that extend beyond hours per week. During the fall and spring terms, approval for appointments above 20 hours per week must be requested using the Supplemental Assignment Form ; during the Summer term, prior approval is not required. Departments vary widely in their normal stipend rates.

Information for Graduate Assistants

No Graduate Assistant should begin employment without clearance from the Graduate Assistantship Coordinator. The semester stipend varies by position. Summer pay will vary. Students are also responsible for paying all other fees i. Students are also responsible for their own living expenses and books. The waiver must be requested each semester.

Students with an RA, TA, PA or LSA tuition remission applied to their tuition account are automatically eligible for the deferred due date. If the student is eligible for.

Colleges, graduate programs, administrative offices, and research centers appoint graduate students as teaching TA , research RA , or graduate assistants GA. Students apply for and obtain most assistantships through their graduate programs. The Human Resources Job Board has listings for assistantships that are open to the general graduate student population see listings towards bottom of the above link. The weekly clock hours of service are based on a forty-hour work-week.

International students can exceed twenty hours weekly during academic breaks. And, work authorization is impacted by the graduation date. Minimum stipend amounts are established through collective bargaining.

Graduate Assistantships (Policy 7170)

Work performed is primarily for the benefit of the University. Stats who has instructional responsibilities for the course. The teaching assistant title should not be used for a graduate student who is responsible for teaching a course in lieu of a faculty member, and should not be used as a substitute for the lecturer SA title.

Home · Mandatory Training for Graduate Assistants; Amorous Relationships and The University has established policies for dating students or staff, teaching.

Download a Printable Version of Policy To establish the guiding principles, basic terms, and administrative authority for graduate assistantships. Graduate assistantships should be utilized for the purpose of recruitment of graduate students and are to provide financial assistance and enhanced educational and developmental opportunities for graduate students while supporting the University in its teaching, research, and service missions.

This policy explains the guiding principles, states the basic terms, and establishes the administrative authority for all graduate assistantships. Appointment of a student to a graduate assistantship is the process by which a student is offered and accepts a graduate assistantship. Non-instructional exempt employees are compensated at a minimum salary which meets the requirements set under Idaho Code and the FLSA.

A graduate student is a full-time graduate student in a given semester or session if and only if the student is registered for 9 or more credits in that semester or session. A graduate assistant engaged primarily in research activities. GRAs may be either exempt or non-exempt employees. A graduate assistant whose primary duties are service activities. GSAs may be either exempt or non-exempt employees. A graduate assistant engaged primarily in instructional activities.

Graduate Assistantship Policies and Procedures

Quick Links. Responsibilities of Deans and Directors. Deans and directors are responsible for ensuring that schools and colleges and their departments provide timely and expeditious handling of graduate assistant letters of offer, payroll forms, and tuition remissions in order to avoid imposing economic hardship. Deans and directors are responsible for ensuring that: Appropriate titles are used for the appointment of graduate assistants.

Appointment criteria are met throughout the term of appointment.

Non Work Study, Graduate Assistants, and Educational Stipend students. the Summer term (the course start date must be prior to or equal to the employment.

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